Coaching Skills for High Performance
in Organisations

Attention: Leaders, emerging leaders, managers, and human resource professionals. 



At last, discover how you can:

 make your team smarter

 stop hitting your head against a brick wall, and

 get that monkey off your back!   

Just between you and me, does this describe you?

You’re exhausted and bemused from doing the same things over and over again and feel like you’re treading water.

You’re spending too much time on fixing things, solving problems, and doing things that others should be doing.

You're looking for a proven way to get out of the mire and get great performance.                                                                   


You know there's a better way, and you dream of being able to:

  • Unleash your team.
  • Unleash your time.
  • Accelerate results and accountability.
  • Promote creativity, and make progress.
  • Effectively inspire, develop, and retain valuable staff.
  • Add practical skills that work to your toolkit as a manager, leader or human resource professional.



You’re in the right place and there is a better way – it’s called using a coach-approach.

You’ve probably read the articles and been to a seminar. You know that taking a coach-approach is a core leadership competency and the most effective style for today’s organisations and those of the future.

Why the focus on coaching in organisations?

Many organisations are now embracing the concept of a ‘coach approach’ as one of the core competencies for leaders and managers to meet the challenges of today’s corporate environment.

 in the future it will be a coaching type of personality that runs companies."

Swedish economics professor Kjell Nordström, in HR Monthly, Australian Human Resources Institute, April 2011

coaching is the style of leadership that Gen Y responds to most."

Juliette Robertson in The Leadership Style Gen Y are Looking for, 2010.

When we study leaders who are most effective at coaching, ... consistently our data show strong correlations between a leader's coaching effectiveness and measures of employee commitment and engagement.  .... We find that effective coaching more than doubles the likelihood that people won't even consider leaving the organisation. ... Coaching is not something that should be perceived as merely 'nice to do'. "

Jack Stenner and Kathleen Stinnert, Bringing Science to the Art of Coaching, Utah, 2010

In HR … while advice in matters is important, people do have the solutions to their own problems. … HR have the opportunity to redefine their role as coaches and true business partners, rather than just ’the people we have to involve when something goes wrong."

Natalie Ashdown, in Bring Out Their Best, 2010, on coaching in Australian workplaces.


Yet knowing all of this, and knowing WHAT to do is not enough. The books and articles and training course papers sit gathering dust on your bookshelf. And nothing changes. We feel let down, frustrated, and abandoned, and dread the thought that this is how it's always going to be.

And rightly so! Until now, a BIG piece of the jigsaw has been withheld from you.

You see, knowing WHAT to do is not enough. What has been missing is HOW to use a coach-approach.

Now you can learn the models, skills and behaviours that can be instantly used by leaders, managers, and human resource professionals wanting to grow their strengths in having coaching conversations in the workplace, every day, as part of their leadership style. Great people like YOU.

These exciting programs, available publicly in Darwin and Alice Springs and, with continuing online and telephone support, make this accessible no matter where you live and work.

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In Coaching Skills for High Performance in Organisations, you will:

DISCOVER what others do differently to be successful in companies, government agencies, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations around the world.

DEVELOP the skills in how to take a coach-approach. Skills that will enable you to:

  • create the environment needed to make your team smarter
  • support people at all levels in the organisation to find the right solution to their own problems
  • competently and confidently take a coach approach and hold coaching conversations in the workplace
  • effectively communicate, engage, attract retain and develop employees in today’s challenging work environment
  • competently and confidently take a coach-approach and hold coaching conversations in the workplace, immediately, and on a day to day basis in your workplace.

DEEPEN your ability to turn your new knowledge and skills into real results on the job with online and personal support after your training, no matter where you are. 


Here's what other Territory participants are saying about Coaching Skills for High Performance in Organisations.

Since attending Coaching Skills for High Performance in Organisations in 2012, my leadership style has shifted from being the sole provider of all information, solutions and decisions to assisting others to find their strengths in their thinking.  Part of being a good leader and manager is helping your team and colleagues to “figure it out” for themselves by equipping them with the right tools to achieve self thinking.  Just because I am their manager I do not have to have all of the answers.  This training has provided me with the confidence to guide others through the process of self thinking and decision making without feeling guilty that I am dodging my responsibilities as a manager and leader. 

Even though the team still come to me with their problems they are now also proposing their own solutions and ideas or plans and not leaving all the thinking and decisions up to someone else.  They are more confident to make decisions and, with being persistent with using the coaching model, the culture has shifted. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is the “go to” person.  If you find you spend more time providing solutions and making decisions for everybody else then get yourself equipped with the skills to turn this around and strengthen your team and colleagues by becoming accomplished self thinkers and decision makers. 

Amy Barnetson, Business Manager Alice Springs Region


In 2012 I undertook a period of personal professional coaching with Denise. Whilst, to be honest, I initially approached this with some scepticism and trepidation, any concerns that I may had had were quickly put to rest by Denise’s relaxed approach and communication style. Having been a senior manager with the Public Sector for many years I had become somewhat stale and I looked at this as an opportunity to examine my management style and more importantly, my leadership style, and look for new tools to assist me manage in an ever changing public service.

Whilst the one on one coaching sessions were very useful and productive, I found that these sessions were enhanced and complimented by undertaking the EQ360 feedback program and participating in the Coaching Skills for High Performance two day workshop. I found the workshop to be particularly useful insofar as it reminded me that other managers faced the same challenges in their work location as I. In my day to day work, I constantly reflect on tools and feedback that this program has provided. From my perspective (and from feedback from others), the most telling change to the way I manage and lead has been my improved ability to actively listen to others and to apply empathy to other’s situations.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this program to others, in particular those in the public service.

Kevin Raby, Superintendent Custodial Operations, Northern Territory Department of Correctional Services




Three tiers of Coaching Skills for High Performance in Organisations.

You choose the level of support you want to learn new skills, and embed them into your leadership style, and make them work for you in your organisation. Combining personalised coaching with training exponentially increases the return on your training investment!

Your proven and well-respected international program

At the heart of all tiers is a two day workshop called The Coaching Clinic®. Developed by Corporate Coach U, The Coaching Clinic® is a highly respected international manager-as-coach program suitable for companies, government agencies, non-profit organisations, small businesses, and individuals.

The Coaching Clinic® has been used by over 40,000 managers in countries around the world including Top 500 Global corporations - IBM, Mobil, American Express, Andersen Consulting, Merrill Lynch, Shell and Toyota, to name a few. In Australia this program has been used by organisations including Queensland Rail, Queensland Department of Main Roads, Ray White Corporate, Australian Federal Police, Tourism NT, WorkCover NSW and TAFE NSW, Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) and Mater Health Service Brisbane.

We looked at The Coaching Clinic® in 2008 because Tourism NT was a high performing organisation and so many other forms of training didn’t seem relevant. Our managers, leaders and human resource professionals found the program to be challenging, practical, relevant and useful in taking a different approach to managing staff and having solution focussed conversations. The Coaching Clinic® helped to shape our culture and we were delighted with the return on our investment in this program.

Kathy Lant, then Director of Human Resources, Information and Technology Management, Tourism NT


The Coaching Clinic® is a two day workshop that provides the models and skills needed to competently and confidently take a coach-approach. During the two day program, participants:

  • discover coaching as a powerful management and leadership model
  • learn, experience and practice state-of-the-art coaching techniques
  • understand the structure and process of integrating a coach approach to management
  • find out how to apply learning within the workplace immediately
  • receive a comprehensive manual and resources.

For a flyer on The Coaching Clinic®, click here.

Your licensed facilitators

Darwin based Denise Paech of Turning Point Coach partners with Victorian based Belinda MacInnes of BelindaM to bring The Coaching Clinic® to Darwin and Alice Springs. This partnership combines extensive local knowledge with powerful and experienced coaching expertise, to give you an internationally respected program with a local and Australian edge.

Denise Paech Turning Point Coach Life Coach

Denise Paech

Darwin based for over 30 years, Denise has extensive executive and human resources experience in government, management consulting, and small business. As a life coach she works with government agencies, corporations and small businesses, and has been assessed as coaching at the Professional Certifed Coach standard.



Belinda Merry Life Coach

Belinda MacInnes

With extensive experience in the business world from both a corporate and small business perspective, Belinda coaches leaders and emerging leaders to have increased sustainable energy. Belinda is a Master Certified Coach and an internationally sought after coach trainer and Faculty Member for Coach Inc. 

Belinda joins Denise as a co-facilitator of The Coaching Clinic ® to ensure the best learning environment when there are more than twelve participants.

Your dates

Your program commences with The Coaching Clinic® over two days and can be held in Darwin or regional centres.

 Register your interest now and you'll be advised as soon as new dates are available!


Your tier - your choice





The Coaching Clinic® 

On-line Coach-Approach Bootcamp

Four personal coaching sessions



Emotional Intelligence Profile





Tier 1 Polish Your Skills

Two day highly respected international manager-as-coach training - The Coaching Clinic ®.

PLUS leverage and embed your learning and new skills in the real world with a six week ON-LINE COACH-APPROACH BOOTCAMP to turn your learning into action in the workplace and elsewhere. With your own private, confidential online portal, you’ll review and embed your learning from the Clinic, and access weekly personal online support from Denise Paech as your coach.

Tier 2 Add Some Gloss

You polish your skills with everything in Tier 1 - the two day highly respected international manager-as-coach training The Coaching Clinic ® and leverage and embed your learning and new skills in the real world with a six week ON-LINE COACH-APPROACH BOOTCAMP.

Then add some gloss with four individual coaching sessions by telephone to work on what you need to really make your skills shine and get results for you and your organisation.

Tier 3 Buff It Up

You polish your skills and add some gloss with everything in Tier 2 - the two day highly respected international manager-as-coach training The Coaching Clinic ® andleverage and embed your learning and new skills in the real world with a six week ON-LINE COACH-APPROACH BOOTCAMP and four individual coaching sessions by telephone to work on what you need to really make your skills shine and get results for you and your organisation.

Then buff it up with your own emotional intelligence profile, with telephone debriefing and two action coaching sessions to leverage and grow your EI skills in the areas that will provide a solid foundation and powerfully support you in using a sustainable leadership approach.

I can't reveal yet just what they'll be, but I can tell you that everyone in Tier 2 and Tier 3 will receive at least one exciting bonus to accelerate their coach-approach and leadership journey.


Your  Investment

Be honest with yourself. And be fair to yourself too. You're worth it. Asking for and accepting more support is a sign of strength and commitment to really make changes that will stick and work.

By bundling these packages, you gain considerable savings over investing individually in these components.

Early Bird Special - Book and pay early for even greater savings.

Tier 1 Polish your skills

 Your Investment: $2595       Early Bird $2495

TIER 2 Add Some Gloss

 Your investment: $2995       Early Bird  $2795 


TIER 3 Buff It Up

Your investment: $3695       Early Bird $3495


Act now to take the first step on a journey that could change your leadership and change your life!